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The ASA’s Matthew P. Hardy Young Andrologist Award

Erol Onel

Erol Onel is an Albert Einstein College of Medicine graduate who leverages his extensive experience as a physician and pharmaceutical researcher in his current role as Heron Therapeutics vice president. Further, Erol Onel maintains membership to the American Society of Andrology (ASA), a collective of more than 600 medical professionals focusing on issues including anatomy, urology, and male reproduction.

Each year, the ASA distributes several awards among its members, including the Matthew P. Hardy Young Andrologist Award (MHYAA), which the ASA established in 1982. All active ASA members below the age of 45 are eligibile for the award, though only those who have made marked contributions to the andrology field receive it.
The ASA accepts MHYAA nominations solely from the organization’s membership from July of each year, through to a deadline that typically falls in the end of August or into early September. Nominators must submit the nominee’s résumé alongside a letter of nomination and between two and five supporting letters from the nominee’s mentors, peers, and trainees.

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